We know our markets
With over 30 years of combined in house experience, our experienced consultants have been working both 'in the field' as in the office. They have a large 'technical' background which is perceived to be an added value by many of Goldstar's clients.
Network! Access ours, expand yours worldwide!
Up till now, Goldstar has gained experience in variuous types of projects In Europe , Russia, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, New Zeeland and Australia. Because of the diversity of projects and there geographical spread, Goldstar has built up a large network of local contacts and professionals. Collaboration with Goldstar means expanding your professional network in a fast and efficient manner, saving you time and helping you focus on the success of your undertakings.

Flexible hr solutions
Looking for experienced professionals to join your staff or crew? Searching for flexible hr solutions worldwide? If so, Goldstar gives you the support you are looking for! .

Temp to perm
In this system a worker is sent out as a temporary employee for a prescribed period of time, with the understanding that the person may eventually be hired directly as a full time or contract employee by the client company. At the end of the pre-agreed trial period, if the employee decides that he or she "wishes to continue working here," and the client in turn decides that "we would like for this employee to stay,"in other words, if both the job-seeking and job recruiting parties agree, then an employment agreement becomes possible. The advantages of this system is that workers are able to use a temporary employment arrangement to experience a work environment and thus gauge for him or herself whether the job is what was desired, and to develop a deeper understanding of the unique characteristics of a company before deciding whether to pursue a career path as a full time or contract employee. The "Temp to Perm" system helps eliminate the problem of employment "mismatches", so that workers can find "a company I enjoy working for," and companies can find "employees that fit our organization."

Temporary staffing or crewing (subcontracting)
Temporary staffing or crewing services are based on a working relationship between three parties: the temporary employee, the client company and Goldstar. The temporary employee enters into an employment contract with Goldstar. Upon completion of the employment contract, the temporary employee is dispatched to the client company. The temporary employee will work under the supervision of the client company but receive payment for services from his or her contractual employer by Goldstar.

Placement and Recruiting to realize more effective recruitment
This is an effective way to ensure quick and accurate recruitment of employees with highly specialized skills. We will offer candidates that have been prescreened to fit your requirements regarding skills, experience, and employment terms. We will receive a commission in the event that you elect to hire our candidate.
We also provide comprehensive services to assist you with your recruiting effortsfrom consultations on recruiting plans to recruiting activities on your behalf.

Working & payrolled outside the EU
With head office in Jersey, Channel Islands, UK. Goldstar is able to offer you very interesting payrolling solutions for all your personnel who needs to be payrolled while working outside the EU. As an extra service we can also make visa an travel arrangements.

Working & payrolled in the Netherlands
By request of our clients based in the Netherlands, we also payroll candidates via the Netherlands for various projects.
Flexible hr solutions
24/7 Service! Whenever and wherever necessary, Goldstar supports! Contact us.


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