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You will be able to work according to your lifestyle preferences, in locations of your choosing.
From a day to full time employment, from short term jobs of one or two days to a long term employment arrangement of one year, you can choose a working style that is most suitable for you. You will be able to enhance your professionals skills and gain varied experience by working in diverse fields and for a variety of companies. From prestigious, well established corporations to exciting startup companies, one of the great advantages of being a temporary employee is the ability to experience many working environments. You will be able to choose jobs that enhance your career. We will provide you with detailed information on the nature of the work being offered and the skills that will be required, which will enable you to determine in advance whether a job meets your aspirations. You will be able to discuss your concerns. A full time, direct hire employee has limited resources when problems arise in the workplace. As temporary staff or crew, you will always be able to turn to Goldstar acting as a buffer between you and the client company to discuss any concerns that you may have.

Are your an expert professional ? Self employed?
Our clients are always looking to expand their business by using innovative techniques. By doing so, they often create job opportunities for expert professionals to manage, develop, engineer or guarantee the successful completion of their projects and undertakings. Therefore we are frequently looking for consultants in following areas of expertise:

  • maritime construction works
  • civil construction works
  • heavy lfting and crane operations for civil construction works
  • survey and geotechniques for civil construction, dredging & land reclamation works
In short
  • Frequently new challenging jobs
  • Depending on the type of job, weekly or monthly payment
  • Work internationally in the EU, Middle East, Africa, ...
  • Personal approach, we listen to you


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